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"PhotoExplorer: Our Selected Best of iPad for Browsing and Managing Photos on Flickr." Read more

Time Tech

"Featured as one of the 30 best Apps for the new iPad" Read more


"Great alternative for Flickr enthusiasts" Read more


"PhotoExplorer, which for me is the number 1 app for uploading to and viewing photos on Flickr via my iPhone, has just been updated to version 1.9.5 " Read more

Seven by Five

"With PhotoExplorer I find myself lifting my iPhone and viewing what has been going on that day, favouriting and commenting more. This is Flickr as it should be ! Read more


"Best iPad Apps- Simply the best way to browse Flickr on your iPad, period." Read more

The App Whisperer

"PhotoExplorer is an excellent app, one that we can very easily recommend. It is very professionally put together, works incredibly well and allows you to map the minefield of Flickr in a very organized way." Read more

Mac Aficionados

"PhotoExplorer is indispensable for all those who use Flickr." Read more


"PhotoExplorer, the best Flickr App for iPad Yet"Read more


PhotoExplorer, a feature-packed, universal iOS client for Yahoo's massive photo sharing site, is now leveraging Apple's latest mobile OS. Read more


"PhotoExplorer for iPad is a Flickr browsing application. The interface is beautiful, intuitive, and a pleasure to use." Read more


"When I got my iPad (and then later my iPhone) I immediately went looking for an application to access and use Flickr, what I found was something a whole lot better!. PhotoExplorer has changed the way I use Flickr." Read more


"On the whole, I’m really pleased with PhotoExplorer. I honestly didn’t expect to find an application that had so much functionality" Read more


"PhotoExplorer is a perfect tool for the photographer on the road. Feature-wise, this app is extremely complete" Read more


"This week Mark Wallace discovered a great iPad application that is called PhotoExplorer. The PhotoExplorer app brings Flickr photo sharing to the iPad." Read more

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"If I could only have one app on my iPad... This would be it" by NickSim

"Tried them all, this is THE ONE." by Stu Barnes

"Awesome front end to Flickr. Can upload, download, and even organize photos. FAST. " by A Brassner.

"Gorgeous, intuitive app that WORKS" by Underroos

"I could not imagine my iPad without this app, I would rate this as essential if you are in to using Flickr from your i device" by thenextbutton

"Works perfectly for me, better than any other app I've tried. Period." by Bernice Riga

"Phenomenal piece of software" by Gaajula

"Great flickr app. My life is complete!"by  Jack Luminous